100 buoni motivi per comprarsi una Harley

Ecco a voi una lista che ho trovato sul sito dei Threepercenters [almeno mi sembra… si può sempre sbagliare nel caso e non essere cazziati penso!]… sono 100 buoni motivi per comprare una fantastica Harley Davidson.

MA bado alle cance e andiamo a leggere quali sono i 100 motivi per scegliere di comprare LA moto!

Sì “LA” perché non è una moto qualsiasi… e se non capite perché e preferite quei bei plasticoni giapponesi allora non sarete d’accordo praticamente con nessuno dei punti che sono riportati qui sotto.

A dopo il salto per tutto l’elenco…

001 – They’re designed, engineered and built in the good ol’ U.S. of A.
002 – They sound cool, kind of like a World War I biplane.
003 – They are not an imitation of anything but themselves.
[*] 004 – Chicks really dig ‘em!
005 – There are thousands of accessories available, so you can make your Harley uniquely yours.
006 – They can be painted outrageous colors, with strange murals, and no one thinks they look terrible or silly. They just look like a Harley.
007 – There are more Harley mechanics around than for any other bike.
008 – Even an old, beat-up one still looks good.
009 – They have a rich history and century-long heritage.
010 – Almost anyone can ride one.
011 – Almost everyone knows what it is.
012 – You can get a Harley tattoo.
013 – You can get a Harley bumper sticker.
014 – Tricked-out used ones can cost more than new ones.
[*] 015 – You don’t hear any songs about Suzuki.
016 – You can find more Harley parts at swap meets and flea markets than for any other bike.
017 – When you run into a car, you’ll inflict more damage than with other motorcycles.
018 – You can buy a full-dress Harley with a radio, comfy seats with armrests, a big, useful windshield, solid saddle bags and a trunk, and nobody will think you’re an old fart when you ride it.
[*] 019 – You never have to wonder how to spend your extra money.
020 – There’s always an appropriate gift for a Harley rider.
021 – You can pretend you’re a Hell’s Angel on weekend rides, then go back to your real life on weekdays, without having to go to jail.
[*] 022 – An old Harley rusting in a barn could be worth more than a new Honda.
023 – Even when your Harley is stored for the winter, you can still polish it.
024 – When you say you’re going to clean the bike, your spouse will always know what you’re up to for the next few hours and not have to worry.
[*] 025 – It can make you smile on a bad day.
026 – It keeps cops wondering if there’s a Hell’s Angel or an influential judge under those leathers.
027 – It gives you the opportunity to try out every metal polish and auto cleaner ever made.
[*] 028 – It makes small dogs and young children tremble when you rumble past.
029 – Even a small Harley is a big bike.
[*] 030 – You don’t have to dress like a Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger to ride a Harley.
031 – You can wear a Harley cap and not look as silly as 99 percent of the people who wear baseball caps. Except, of course, if you wear it backwards, which immediately identifies you as a dweeb, regardless of the logo. Remember, people who can’t figure out which way a hat goes on are also poor prospects for mates.
032 – This reason missing. It must have vibrated off.
[*] 033 – Unlike sportbikes, you don’t need to visit the chiropractor after riding for more than 20 minutes.
034 – You never have to explain or apologize for your choice of ride.
035 – No one ever asks you to race them.
036 – You girlfriend will never need to buy a vibrator.
037 – You always have something to talk about with other Harley riders.
038 – You can always find an after-market part for any Harley, no matter how old it is.
039 – The chrome is on all the right parts, yet you can always add more or take some off and it will still look good.
040 – You never have to get the valves adjusted.
041 – There is only one carburetor to adjust.
[*] 042 – They’re always in style.
043 – If you ride a sportbike at 40, people will think you’re either crazy or haven’t grown up. If you ride a Harley at 40, people will just think you’re young at heart and have style.
044 – Harley riders always have something to talk about at parties.
045 – Sure, you can ride other motorcycles to Daytona and Sturgis, but why bother?
046 – Women riding Harleys look sexy, confident and independent.
047 – Cleaning your bike is an act of love, not a chore.
048 – Harley riders have a better sex life. Honest!
049 – Harley riders are recognized world-wide. Wear a Harley cap or T-shirt anywhere in the world and someone will walk up and talk to you about your bike.
050 – People can argue endlessly about the technical advantages and ergonomics of other motorcycles, but when it’s all been said, Harley riders get on their bikes and ride away with a smile.
051 – Harley riders always have a wrench handy to loan someone.
052 – Harley riders never have to worry about their Harley-riding friends asking to borrow money.
053 – A Harley rider learns to say “No” to people who ask to borrow their bike. This skill is useful when dealing with salespeople, Jehovah’s Witnesses, dogs and children.
054 – Harley riders always turn heads going through the center of town.
055 – You are never lonely. You have an instant family when you buy a Harley.
056 – Harley riders don’t have to worry about their bikes becoming obsolete.
057 – Long-term marriages are safer with a Harley because the husband will be too preoccupied with his bike to want to mess with other women.
[*] 058 – When someone asks, “What do you ride?” you don’t have to explain what a “GSR750ATF Inducer” is. You simply say, “A Harley.”
059 – You’ll meet more people at bike shows and rallies who ride Harleys.
060 – When people drive too slow in front of you, you just get to ride longer.
061 – Harleys even make good rat-bikes.
062 – You can ride a Harley in rodeo and field-day competitions at bike rallies. Try riding a sportbike in the barrel-push or the weenie-bite.
063 – If you want more power, you can pump it up to your satisfaction.
064 – There are more Harley riders at any gathering than any other kind of bike rider.
[*] 065 – Old Harleys never die.
066 – Arnold rode one in Terminator 2.
067 – When you wave to another Harley rider on the highway, they’ll wave back.
068 – Every Harley ever made will be sold to someone who wants one.
069 – You’ll get more grins per mile, even in the rain.
070 – You don’t need to know about double overhead cams to maintain a Harley.
071 – Harley riders understand that if you have two Harley’s you are not rich, you simply have no money at all.
072 – Metric cruiser riders will never borrow your tools.
[*] 073 – The unique Harley rumble sounds and feels better than any other bike.
074 – You don’t have to remove the engine to work on it.
075 – You can find any style of seat for every year.
076 – You can build one from the ground-up, and everyone will think it’s cool.
[*] 077 – You get to tell people ,”If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand.”
078 – You don’t have to talk your girlfriend into going for a ride.
079 – If you’re old, the idle shakes your heart like a pacemaker.
080 – They can be slow and still be bitchin’.
081 – Fat people gotta ride something.
082 – When people ask about the waiting list, you can tell them, “Yeah, I waited 33 years and 9 Jap bikes before I got one.”
083 – Harley salespeople don’t have to hard-sell them.
084 – They keep your neighbors from over-sleeping.
085 – Old ones keep the highways properly lubricated.
086 – You’ll get lots of extra protein from the bugs in your teeth.
087 – You always know where the cars with alarms are in your neighborhood.
088 – You don’t need to remove any bodywork to do a tune-up.
089 – You don’t need any weight-lifting equipment to build your strength. Just drop one and try to pick it back up.
090 – You don’t have to explain your mid-life crisis in detail. “Got a Harley,” will suffice.
091 – If someone is foolish enough to cut in front of you in traffic, they’re almost always intimidated immediately after doing it.
[*] 092 – If you get stuck in boring business meetings, you can always daydream about your last ride.
093 – You can explain, “But honey, it’s economical. It gets great gas mileage!”
094 – You can putt along at only 20 mph, and still look cool.
095 – Having one is like getting to ride your entire savings account.
096 – It’s an instant, non-aspirin pain reliever.
097 – If someone’s head doesn’t turn, you’ll know they’re envious.
098 – You’ll never need to buy a paint shaker.
099 – When someone asks what color it is, you can answer, “Mostly chrome!”
[*] 100 – Buy one because you’ve wanted to ever since you were 11 years old.

Che dire? Le motivazioni che mi trovano più d’accordo sono quelle  segnalate con un [*] affianco al numero… magari dite anche voi  la vostra! ;-p


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